5 Ways you can spice up your sex life

5 Ways you can spice up your sex life

Sex could get boring sometimes especially after 25 or 30 years of marriage and it would be time to get the spice back on by doing things you would generally not do with your partner.

Many couples face this dilemma and struggle as to how they could cope with the prevailing situation. It is difficult no doubt when you begin to lose interest in sex and if it continues it could even affect your marriage. For that you may need to think of something special which would get you and your partner back on track and to a better sex life.

There is no doubt that sex plays a major role in marriage and when the sex drive fizzles out marriages could go on the rocks. It is imperative that such a situation should be avoided at all costs.

For one thing there could be another third party in that equation and they are the kids and for them to be caught within a failed marriage would be traumatic to say the least.

Hence couples from the time that they are married should keep their sex lives at optimum peek and ensure that they do various exciting things which would not let their sex life slip into dullness. What you would like to do would entirely depend on the two individuals but they could pick up exciting things to do which should be very exciting and eventful.

We have selected just FIVE things that we feel would get your sex life back on top gear and doing these little chores could go i9n a long way.       

1. Watch a good adult movie

Pick up a good adult movie and go to bed and watch it, this way some desires are aroused and you could have the urge to merge when watching the move. There is exciting flair in watching a porn movie that is why they are made in the first place. Adult movies has a strong draw towards having sex at that particular moment that you are watching it. If you think that your partner and you have watched the porn and have had sex, don’t stop at that keep watching and have sex.

Whatever it is you and your partner would like to do to enjoy sex and be proactive in it you should not bother but go ahead and do it. We will live only a short period in this world and would need to do everything we can to be happy.

Sex is one thing that would make us happy but we need to enjoy it to the fullest otherwise it would not be. We need to get our partner to be helpful in the act or it would be a one way traffic only.

2. Walk around the home without a stitch on

It is great to walk around the home stark naked as a couple which would give each other complete freedom of watching and enjoying. This would be possible only if there is no one around or you are on a ship wrecked island. Still if you could, trying out would really give the best results. Life is monotonous if we keep it that way hence doing something that is exciting would be the name of the game.

The other fact to remember is that each individual is responsible for his own actions and if your partner does not approve of what you would suggest then drop it and do not suggest it again. Each of us has a separate identity and different attitudes, so matching then could be quite difficult and when you do the marriage would last when not the marriage could go on the rocks. This is what generally happens to some marriages where they take out the excitement. The excitement should remain till the last.

3. Go on a sex weekend

Try to change the location that you are presently having sex, for example get away on a weekend holiday and try to do some new things in your sex act. A different location could bring some new desires and it would do a world of good for both. It is necessary that you talk it over with your partner without deciding unilaterally. Most marriages suffer when one partner dominates the other.

On a romantic weekend you could also straighten out some of the other problems that you both would have as a couple and this would be a very opportunity.
Splashing some good exciting sex when away from home would generally be more exciting than doing the same thing every day.

4.Try anal

If you have not indulged in Anal sex then do it and see how exciting it is and for that you would need to get your partners approval. Anal sex is very much different to the routine thing and would put both on fire. The main idea is to ensure that the sex act whatever it would be to provide the enjoyment it comes with. If you could sustain the sex act in your marriage then there are no issues the bond would last but if not a split is imminent.

Many couples do not try the anal act but get the right impetus only when they have tried it once and would like to continue. So talk with your partner

5. A long blow-job

Blow jobs have been a practice since time immemorial and with the warmth between two individuals increasing and love to blossom and end in a blow job would be quite a way to bring back the spice. The issues of marriage if you are to analyze are quite simple but it is we who have made it into one cauldron of problems. If the sex life could be maintained at peak levels then all other issues would not pass beyond the bedroom window.

There are many examples about blow jobs patching up marriages and when asked if it is true it is true.
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