6 Things that can be Harming to the male Sperm Count

6 Things that can be Harming to the male Sperm Count

Infertility is one of the causes of divorce; ignorance makes the condition worse because traditionally, women would be blamed. However, an insight into reproductive health over the years has shed light on multiple human activities and lifestyle that attribute to infertility in men. The studies in this regard began as early as 1970s to illuminate into possibility of men being the cause of infertility.

At the beginning, it was hard to fathom how men can be infertile yet they ejaculate. It is now evident, fertilization of an egg in human reproduction entails more than semen channeled through the vagina. The quantity and quality of sperm matters a lot; in fact, it is all that matters after successful erection.

While infertility can be genetic where there is little to do about it, most of the causes of infertility in men are environmental factors and human activities. Lifestyle and foods we eat have a lot to do with reproductive health. The testicles just like other body parts rely on vitamins, minerals, and circulatory system for proper functioning. Any health condition that alters these body functions interfere with manufacture and production of sperms hence infertility.

Here are common causes of low sperm count in men.


Any alcoholic drink interferes with functionality of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for manufacturing of sperms, which are then stored in the testicles. Irrespective of the type of drink you take, as long as it has alcohol content is detrimental to your reproductive health.
Sperm count is largely dependent on testosterone. The liver, which works hand in hand with the kidney in detoxifying blood and storage of fats from food, does not recognize alcohol. When alcohol enters the blood stream, it is treated as a foreign element hence need for quick push out of the body. When these body organs concentrate on eliminating alcohol instead of nourishing body parts with nutrients through the circulatory system, there is deficiency of minerals around the body. This causes inhibition of testosterone. You can quickly reverse the effects by stopping alcohol intake.

Electronic devices

Men are fond of keeping mobile phones in the front pocket of trousers. Also, it is common for people to place laptops on their laps while working for several hours or playing games. For women, this is okay but is a reason for men to worry with respect to reproductive health. Electronic devices near the pelvic area generate heat, which is negative for manufacturing of sperms. Electronic devices generate electromagnetic activity that interferes with the sperm production process. The testicles should be kept as cool as possible every time. Increase in temperature in this area destroys the stored sperms in the testicles.

Insufficient sleep

Most of growth processes and replenishment of body tissues happen when the body is asleep. 8 hours of sleep every day is sufficient for a man to produce enough sperms. Testosterone does not work in the day when you are walking or the mind is busy on office work. If you are not getting enough sleep where you go to bed for less than 8 hours, you are increasing your risks of infertility. Also, long hours in bed in a threat to reproductive health. Sleep enough to allow testosterone to function adequately.

Hot baths

The effect here is the same with mobile phone of laptop in your pelvic area. Increase in temperature is the concern. Testicles are sensitive to high temperatures. While this does not affect testosterone activity, it interferes with quality sperm. The stored sperms in testicles might not even go out during sexual intercourse because they are weak; high temperatures simply kill sperms. Low sperm count can be attributed to hot baths. There is no strict policy on this one, regular hot baths are the issue.

Daily diving into a hot tub is the worst mistake for a man if you ever intend to fertile an egg. Sperms thrive in cool environment. If you haven’t noticed the testicles are always cool even when you are sweating in high temperatures. Maintain them cool to avoid low sperm count.

Testosterone supplements

The development of supplements was for a good cause, the motive was right in helping men overcome infertility problems. However, the functionality of these drugs is detrimental to reproductive health. Many men trying to conceive end up using these supplements with hope of improving their sperm count; while it is not entirely negative, the supplements are not anything to rely on. To be honest, avoid testosterone elements because the body reacts differently to what you imagine.

Sure enough, the supplements increase sperm production, which is the goal. However, the manufacturers rarely mention the side effects. When the sperm count increases, the body detects enough of it in the testicles and stops functioning of testosterone. Therefore, as you increase sperm count you are destroying the natural production process. You may have to use the supplements all your life because testosterone is inhibited. Besides, these are only supplements hence less effective concerning impact on sperm count in absence of testosterone. The Maleshop is such a place you can buy various male enhancement products including fertility products that will help men improve sexual dysfunction and increase sperm volume and mobility.

Sitting too long

Sitting with your legs crossed or tight together generates heat near the testicles. Just like with mobile phones and hot baths, high temperatures compromise on sperm count. While we may not have a choice of sitting for long hours in meetings, be sure to spread the legs. Also, avoid wearing tight underwear because they increase temperatures in the pelvic area thus destroying sperms.

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