9 Nutritional tips for Male Libido

9 Nutritional tips for Male Libido

Nothing beats natural foods when dealing with the body. If your love life is missing the enthusiasm you desire, here are some foods you should consider.




Bananas are rich in bromelain enzyme. The period bananas take from maturity to ripening in dark conditions with required moisture build up this enzyme. The enzyme is known to create conducive environment in the reproductive part of a man, which produces sperms. Bromelain enzyme not only increases libido but also reduces traces of impotence. While there are many explanations on causes of infertility in men, they all have to do with the production of sperms. Bromelain targets this body part hence reducing any related risks.




This may not be any of your options when thinking of sex. It is a simple food and odorless food that seems unpleasant but its effect is incredible. When eating Celery, it is unlikely you will feel the taste or smell that attracts people to food. When talking about sexual attraction, shape and smell comes to your mind. If this was to be considered, celery is a disappointment. But don’t be too fast to judge; celery does wonders. It contains androsterone(1), which is released on a simple bite. Preferably take a few raw bites just before you get to bed; the perspiration you’re your mouth will turn the woman on in no minutes.


Raw oysters


This is among the best aphrodisiacs. Lab tests reveal a significant amount of zinc and testosterone in Oysters. These two elements play a role in sperm production. Testosterone, for instance, is a hormone that stimulates production of sperms and manufacture of the same in the scrotum. Male sex stimulation and erection is largely dependent on this hormone.

Oysters are said to generously release dopamine when eaten raw, this builds up libido. Be sure to scrap off the shells and any dirt then place them on ice before feeding and your foreplay results will be realized in minutes.




The high levels of folic acid make it rank among top foods for increasing libido in men.
Folic acids are responsible for metabolizing proteins, which translate to energy. Apart from hormones and sperm count, energy is a basic requirement during foreplay. If all others factors are present and energy lacks, it would be a disappointment. In addition to folic acid, Avocado is rich in vitamin B6 that increases production and activity of male hormones. Evidently, the frit is more beneficial than you thought of; in fact, it is dubbed as “testicle tree.”


Chicken eggs


All bird eggs are rich in vitamins B6 and B5. These two play a significant role in balancing body hormones and fighting stress. When the body is relaxed and hormones are functioning normally, libido builds up. There is no natural way for a man to prepare for sex other than relieving the body from pressure. Stress is part of our lives and it can be difficult to alleviate it to zero percent, although it is possible. Eggs are a pleasant partner and supplement to help you reduce stress and balance hormones. Chicken eggs are most preferred because of its high levels of vitamins B5 and B6; be sure to take hard-boiled ones before sex.




Fatty acids are significant in production of hormones in men. There is no better place to find this ingredient in abundance than in almonds. Increased number of hormones and hormonal functions guarantee exemplary performance in bed.

In addition to the fatty acids, the smell of almonds is sensual. High libido in a man won’t do any good if the woman is not aroused; almond smell boosts the passion in women. Almond-scented candle is the easiest way to spread the smell and arouse the woman but for man be sure to eat raw almonds with no salt.




I know you are reading with this while skeptic. Yes, garlic has a role in building libido and performance in bed. Garlic contains significant amounts of allicin, which increases blood flow to the sexual organs. Immense blood flow to a man’s sexual organ is necessary to maintain erection; blood vessels in the penis have to be full to make erection possible and lasting. Of course, garlic stinks, I know. The last think you want to experience is your partner retracting because of garlic smell. If it is too much and doesn’t work for either of you, consider garlic capsules.




The science behind figs is simple; they contain amino acids that increase libido. It is all about proteins, fat, and blood flow to a man’s sexual organ. Make it a regular practice, eat figs whenever you can and in the large amounts possible. Focus on fresh figs because the amino acid is abundant in such. Figs not only build libido but also increase sexual stamina; therefore, you can also let the woman feed on juice from the figs during foreplay.


Minimize saturated fats


After all, it is a natural body process that necessitates healthy practices. Saturation of fats in blood vessels are associated with multiple health complications, the effects cannot be over stated. Buildups of fats in blood vessels interfere with flow of blood to the penis; free flow of blood through tiny blood vessels in the penis is crucial for response to sexual desire. Desire without performance is frustrating.

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