Erection Boosters

Do you need an Erection Booster

Do you think you may need an erection booster? Maleshop stock a selection of Booster Pills and Gels for men that can help with sexual dysfunction.  Recently it has been found that men over the age of 30 may have the ability to achieve an erection and have full sexual intercourse but do have a problem with soft erections. What this means,  it that having sex is fine but you do not achieve a hard erection as you did when you were younger.
For males with this specific issue, we recommend an Erection booster. This will enable to the user to achieve rock hard erection like when they were in their teens. (15 - 21 years of age)

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Durazest Libido Enhancer

Durazest is one the oldest, most trusted libido enhancing products currently on the market. Designed specifically for men that needs help upping their libido and sex drive.
R 280.00 R 240.00

Extra Strong male Tonic Enhancer

The Extra strong tonic enhancer has been around for over 2000 years. Not in pill form but used by men living on his hills of the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. Known for its ability to enhancement staying power and increase sexual stamina. Please note this item will be shipped from our UK supplier. Shipping can take up to 4 weeks.
R 750.00 R 700.00

Maximor Advance for Men

One of South Africa's most famous Libido enhancers. The Maximor Advanced for men is a extremely powerful male enhancer. It is mainly used by men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence.
R 350.00 R 320.00

Superpowerfulmanpill Erectile dysfunction Eradicator

One of the most famous Male enhancers ever developed. This Erectile dysfunction eradicator is known as the Chinese choice when it comes to impotence products. Helps with blood and keep your libido up for hours. A truly awesome product for men of all ages.
R 220.00 R 225.00

V-Active for Men

V-Active increases libido and help with impotence. The V-active improve your sexual energy levels and enhance your sex life. Please note this item will be shipped from our UK supplier. Shipping can take up to 4 weeks.
R 650.00 R 550.00

Vigrx For Men

The world famous Vigrx for Men. This food supplement is by far the most used male enhancement product ever developed. Want to increase libido, or enhance your sex drive?
R 1 150.00

Chinaga Pills

Chinaga Pills is known for its aphrodisiac properties. The ultimate arousal formula. Increase libido and helps the user sustain his erection for as long as he is having intercourse.
R 300.00