Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones that keep the sexual drive alive among the men. Low testosterone or Low T is a body condition in which the testosterone hormone levels are lower than the normal levels. The hormone is secreted preeminently by testicles of men. Research suggests that nearly 5 million American men suffer from Low T levels:

Below is a list of Low T symptoms many men will suffer from:

Reduced sex drive

This is the most common symptoms of Low T among men. Insufficient testosterone in the body greatly reduces the sexual drive among the men.  Guys just lose interest in sex and the drive goes. In such situation it is very difficult for men to sexually satisfy their partner. For instance, an individual interested in sex three times a week suddenly loses interests, starts avoiding his partner and this opens up a whole nest of problems and misunderstandings.

It is in cases like these that low t can benefit from the use of a testosterone booster such as MaleGenPlus.
ED or Erectile Dysfunction

The low levels of testosterone hormone in the body inhibit the ability of men to have proper erection. This condition is known as erectile dysfunction. Even if men are able to have an erection owing to testosterone deficiency the find it difficult to sustain their erection for long; they cannot have intercourse.

Chronic illness

Although low testosterone may not be directly responsible for causing serious illness such as osteoporosis, diabetes or heart disease, research suggests that Low T can be indirectly responsible for such body condition.
Numbness in the genital region

This is another common symptom of men suffering from Low T. Lack of sufficient testosterone hinders proper blood flow to their genital region, which in turn causes the genital organ to go numb. You may experience this during initial stages of the problem.


While several men suffering from Low T levels tend to get regular bouts of fatigue, doctors and researchers are still not sure if the condition can be linked to low hormone levels. Another common symptom of Low T is that most men tend to suffer from terrible mood swings, which in turn can lead to depression.


One of the most common symptoms of low testosterone levels is depression. Individuals in this state often lose desire to perform regular activities. People tend to just lie down on bed and rest rather than perform their usual chores.

The above mentioned are some of the common symptoms of low testosterone. The worst part of this problem is that in most cases people realize about it when it’s already too late, but you need not worry because there’s solution for the problem. One of the best solutions is getting testosterone boosters or supplements in order boost the testosterone level. This would have great impact on your overall body functioning. You would feel far more energetic and lively. Above all, your sex drive would be improved and you won’t be avoiding your partner with all the problems that that will bring to you. 

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